Tomboy Tools was founded by three women, probably a lot like you, or women you know. They were homeowners with projects to get done, and for any number of reasons, they had to figure them out for themselves.

It's embarrassing to always have to ask someone else, usually a guy in our lives, to fix things for us. Usually the asking involved waiting - waiting until it was convenient for them; waiting on a repair person who may or may not fix it for a reasonable price; sometimes waiting with the hope that the problem would go away.

You can do it...

When each of us at Tomboy Tools quit waiting and began to gain the skills and confidence to tackle projects ourselves, we discovered something interesting. It EMPOWERED us! As we gained self-reliance, we gained confidence with tools.

These three women DIYers were friends who shared tools and home improvement ideas to tackle projects around their homes. After attending a kitchen home party together in 2000, they discovered how beneficial it would be to have tools designed specifically for women that would help them with their projects, while offering a business opportunity where they could educate other women about proper tool applications and features, share project ideas, and cost-saving tips.

What we never envisioned was that women from all over the world would visit our website and tell us their stories and become our guides. We have been so touched by the stories we have heard from women who told us about trying to maintain homes on their own, afraid of what they didn't know, and the difficulties they faced.

To tell the Tomboy Tools story, we must include the stories of these women.