The Ultimate Inspiring and Engaging Experience!

There are many ways to engage with Tomboy Tools. Just as each tool has its own unique features and applications, every Host has their own personal way of entertaining. Whether you want a more relaxed, social environment or more hands-on, Tomboy Tools has a variety of party options to suit your style.

Our parties are fun and non-intimidating where women come together to share their knowledge and inspire others. Our tools offer something for everyone - whether you are a hobbyist, crafter, painter, gardener, antique dealer, junk aficionado, organizational wizard, or simply need to beautify and maintain your living space - inside or out - Tomboy Tools has products to fit every project need.

  1. Inspire and Desire Gathering
  2. Tool School
  3. Empower Hour
  4. Toolin' Around
  5. Marketplace

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