Tool Parties are designed to be fun and inspiring!

Whether you want to learn the basics of a tool and its applications, or a how-to project such as:

  • Painting Tricks, Tips and Techniques
  • Hanging Fixtures and D├ęcor
  • Caulking and Basic Plumbing
  • Mosaic Tiling
  • Gardening
  • Drywall Repair
  • Beautifying your Outdoor Living Space
  • Auto Maintenance and Safety

Our Consultants will help get you on the right track. We hope you feel as inspired, confident, empowered and creative as we do!

Contact your Consultant or find a Consultant online or call 1.866.260.1893.

Where: In your home, friend's home, garage, front yard, backyard, workplace, or wherever you and your friends want to gather and have fun.

Why: Learn and share ideas and techniques on projects and money saving tips!

Who: Tomboy Tools Consultants will show you and your friends our tool features and applications through a fun and relaxed environment.

How: There are different ways to engage with Tomboy Tools and we have ideas to help you decide depending on your time and schedule.

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